Sista Stroke

Music is the lamb that made a lioness out of me......Sista Stroke an accomplished drummer, pianist, and producer, Sista Stroke discovered her musical niche where she can truly explore the depths of her creativity and took her passion for soulful sound to the next level. Over the past thirteen years she has released original works and remixes ranging from House to Hip Hop to down-tempo on Mother Tongue, D’Lectable Records, Privat Box Music, Dusttrax, Hook-Up Tunes, Klassik Fiasco, House Sound of LA, and Revolutionary Music, along with some of the most sought after white labels in the industry. In 2004 she became the preeminent in-house producer/remixer for Mother Tongue and Innuendo Records because of her gifted ability to produce quality material. Through persistence in her original creations and remix work, Sista Stroke has made a name for herself in underground music.

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