Javier Pérez Rodríguez (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain) is a producer who was unhappy with arrangements and musical barriers, flirts with different styles such as Techno, IDM, Dreampop and Shoegaze, without straying too far from the sound of his first productions which were more minimalistic and danceable.


The artist creates instrumentals and songs, in which Resonance himself sings, comprises the soundtrack for an ascending cinematic journey from his inner micro-universe..., passing through earthly moments that obey our primary instincts, on towards outer space.



Light Continuum - Live Mix. Univack Records


Metals Upon The Air - Original Mix. El Hombre Bala Records


It Shines High - Original Mix. El Hombre Bala Records


Jumping The Waves - Featuring Hypersunday. Univack Records – Hypersunday


Scape Anthem - Original Mix. Univack Records


Scape Anthem - Live Mix. Univack Records


Skygaze - Original Mix. El Hombre Bala Records


Leds - Original Mix. Humano Records


Cutting Lips - Original Mix. Uvdog


Doplex - Original Mix. Uvdog


Light Continuum ALBUM. El Hombre Bala Records


Light Anthems EP. Univack Records


Skygaze ALBUM. El Hombre Bala Records


Pouring Rain & Leds EP. Humano Records


Cutting Lips EP. Uvdog



Hedonist 01 ALBUM. BRP





Metals Upon The Air Club Mix, Resonance


A kind Of Electric Current, Oblique


Duermen, Trópico 28


Bon Voyage, Such & Such


Game Boy, Lénfant Terrible

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