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Radio Rental is a London born DJ/Producer with a wealth of experience and many years undertaken in the game. With a decade producing and 15 years spinning in the clubs, he is a man that has carefully fine-tuned his skills to a place now where he is fully confident in whatever aspect of the industry he turns to.After starting out in the outskirts of East London as a young 11-year-old boy, he scrimped and saved for whatever he could find in the record shops that took his fancy, in particular the jungle and hardcore genre. This enthusiasm to learn and study electronic music as a whole is something that has stayed with him for the last 20 years, and is a reason why his knowledge for various dance music styles is unfathomable to many. From garage to house, jungle rhythms and techno bombs, this artist likes to explore it all and has even adopted a keen ear for classical sounds more recently.


His own sound is a nod back to yesteryear with bold and brassy house grooves paired with catchy samples, hooks aplenty, and a punchy bassline that is always infectious in its roots. He’s currently signed to such impressive labels as Zulu Records (My Digital Enemy), Subterraneo Records (Dolly Rockers), Malfunktion Deep & a future release on Pukka Up.

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