Pete Moss

Philadelphia based Pete Moss knows a thing or two about house music having traveled the world in search of the ultimate underground dance floors, and releasing over 150 projects on top labels such as, Ovum, Dessous, ALola, Definity, Large, Seamless, I records, MN2's, Acryl and dozens of others, including his own underground Recline imprint. Known as one of the finest late night/underground Dj's on the map, crushing it at Fabric London, La Terrazza Barcelona, Roxy Prague, Salon Daome Montreal, Harlot San Francisco, King King L.A, The Arches GLasgow, La Santanera PDC Mexico, Rioma Mexico City, Smartbar Chicago, Living Room Miami, among others, Pete has a reputation for giving his all at every gig and leaving people touched and inspired by his signature deep and eclectic sound.



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